U Shape Sofa Set:- Modern Arc-Shaped Hardwood Leather Sofa Set, Standard (White and Black)

Rs. 199,999.00 Rs. 99,999.00 99,999.00

Hardwood Modern Arc-Shaped Sofa Set for Living Room (Standard, White, and Black)

Product description

This modern black and orange leatherette sectional sofa features durable long-lasting construction. Initial price reflects the bonded leather upholstery where your body touches such as the headrests, backrests, seats, and armrests with an indistinguishable leatherette match material elsewhere to help keep the costs down. An option to upgrade to genuine leatherette with the leather match is available.

  • Size: 144"x91"x35"
  • Sponge: pure high-density foam
  • This contains 06 Months Warranty

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