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Wall Décor-

Making our home more beautiful or classy is everyone's dream. Wall décor items include wall art, metal wall, wall hanging, photo frame, and paper art.

Decorating our home with some premium furniture or decorative things only depends upon you. With furniture our home is not complete we also need some decorative pieces that also attract the viewer.

Wall décor items include wall art, photo frame, metal wall art, wall art with lighting features, wall painting, and wrought iron wall frames. Instead of using printed wallpapers youth is going with natural shades and they hang their favorite frame with some decorative items.

We are not decorative are living room walls but also love to decorate bedroom walls, guest rooms or also kid’s room walls.

For each room, there are multiple types of wall décor items available according to the room we can easily use them.

For the living room we have to choose a bigger size frame that we can hang to the back side of the sofa. For this frame, you have 2,3 common options such as some religious frame in metal, nine running horses frame, and a sun frame.

At the entrance gate of your home, you can also hang some god frames and symbols. Wall décor items are not only used in the home but you can also use them at your workplace.

Wall Art-

Wall art is used as the best gifting item on any occasion. Because they are pocket friendly and easy to carry, easy to choose. Not only wall art but photo frames are also good for gifting purposes.

Wall arts are mostly available in metal materials and in the form of images.

The serval types of wall arts are-

  • Modern wall art.
  • Wall art of flowers and plants.
  • Wall art of animals.
  • Nature wall art.
  • Retro-style art.
  • Urban art.
  • Beach or ocean wall art.

According to your taste, you can easily choose the wall art for your room, bedroom, living room or for your office. According to my opinion, I suggest you to go with smooth color or texture wall frame. Because shinny wall art is not looking pretty every time simple and elegant wall art easily matches your room vibe.

For the study room plants, flowers, religious, beach or ocean wall art are helpful because they give a positive vibe or a smooth atmosphere to our room where we can easily concentrate and do our work with full energy.

Some devotional symbols also provide you peace or a calm environment. Where you can not feel distracted and enjoy your work.

If you are fond of dance or music, then you can add retro-style wall art to your room. For example, on one wall of your room, you can add different sizes of the wall art frame.

Nature wall art, flower, and animal wall art are suitable for every room because they give positive vibes to the room.

Metal Wall Décor-

Metal wall décor items are widely used for the living room because they last long for years. If they are kept with proper care, then you easily use metal wall décor items for 5,6 years easily.

Metal wall décor items are highly preferred by everyone because of their unique designs or lighting features. They can easily attract the viewer if you will purchase them you never regret on your choice.

Metal wall décor items are available in various price range. If you go with the cheap one then you face 2,3 problems first one product is made up the cheap quality of product, the product is not same as mentioned in the mention, size is different, the broken piece is delivered to you.

So I would like to give some suggestions that help you to do online shopping

Firstly, you have to trust the website after that you can order the product.

For metal wall décor products, you can easily visit the GKW Retail website they have a vast collection of metal wall decorative items. 120 to 130 new designs are available in the website at a reasonable price.

The sunburst or running horses, peacocks, and devotional metal wall art are mostly sold because they are unique and trendy.

The best thing about GKW Retail is they deliver the order within 3-4 weeks and they also update the customers from time to time.

The price of wall art starts from two thousand nine hundred ninety-nine (2999) and the maximum price for wall art is fifteen thousand nine hundred ninety-nine (15999).

This collection has more than 150 designs from where you can pick our favorite designs of wall art.

Wall Decor For Living Room-

In the living room, you can use different decorative items which has a premium or gorgeous look. These designs include peacock wall art with LED lights, horse wall art, sun wall art, bird feathers wall art, flower wall art, butterfly wall art, leaves wall art, music doll wall art, and lord Ganesha wall art.

We have a lot of designs of wall décor items from where you can choose decorative items for your living room as well as for your bedroom.

A maximum of wall décor items are available with LED lights to provide you glossy appearance or premium look. These wall décor items are available in an affordable price range.

In the living room sofa, coffee table or side tables are not enough you also need some decorative frames or a hanging frame which can change the look of our boring wall.

The plain wall looks very normal or boring. Some people use printed wallpaper or wall color.  As everyone knows the living room is one of the first rooms where all guests or visitors arrive. So everyone decorates their living area with modern furniture or with some decorative items.

But sometimes we choose the wrong one and it totally spoils the look of our living area. So we have to choose wisely which looks good in our home. Maximum people like modern, ethnic or trendy designs in their home because they complement the décor of the living room.

Wall Hanging Décor-

There are a number of wall-hanging décor items available in the market as well as online. Online you find more designs as compared to the offline market. There are more than 200 designs available on online platforms.

Here we discussing mostly used wall hanging items-

  • Wooden stick hanging frame.
  • Vintage Macramé wall hanging.
  • Macrame flower or plant holder wall hanging.
  • Seashell wall hanging.
  • Paper art wall hanging.
  • String wall hanging.

These are the most used wall hanging that you easily use in your home to change the look of your home. These all decorative items give a new look to your living area or area where you use them.

You can use this wall hanging in different formats such as with your favorite flowers, plant leaves, and paper art.

String wall hanging is very elegant or classy. The string wall hanging is available in a different pattern according to your wall color you can choose your favorite design

Beaded wall hangings are also a good option that you can use in your home. Beaded hangings are available in a number of designs you can easily make new designs with 2 color combinations or 3 color combinations.

Macrame wall hanging is also very trendy they give a premium look. You can use at the front gate of your home. Macrame wall hangings are also used as plant stands for indoor plants

Wall Mirror Décor-

Wall mirrors are used as face mirrors and also used for decoration purposes. On one wall of your living area, you hang 5 to 6 round shape mirrors in different sizes.

In your home, you can convert a simple war into a mirror wall with a silver or golden frame it gives a royal look to the home or living area.

The contemporary geodesic mirror wall is also a popular wall mirror decoration piece that you can use in your home.

Use the mirrored frame to the mirror. You can also use 2 mirrors one of bigger size and another one in small size.

In the living area, you can use a sunburst mirror because it gives extraordinary look to your plain wall. If you hang this sunburst mirror in your living area, or lounge area it will a focal point of your particular space.

You can use 2 sunbursts of different sizes in your lounge area. This combination looks great in your home.

Wall Decoration Items-

For decoration purposes, we have a lot of options but only depend upon our taste or choice for decorative items. In the market, there is a number of decorative items available which we can buy for our bedroom, living area, and office.

Here are some decoration ideas which you can use in your home-

In your bedroom, you can add large-scale art or a big-size photo frame that includes your partner and your image or also a family photo frame.

You can easily change the other wall of the bedroom to a curate gallery wall. Where you hang your all memorable day images and also you can add motivational quotes.

You can also hang bicycle or bike metal wall art on your wall it gives you premium look and it looks very classy.

Plant wall hanging is also trendy now time you can also hang it on our wall with the set of 2, or 3 same items.

You can also add some decorative plates to the wall of the rooms. If plates are painted with a different color, then they look very adorable and classy.

Last but my favorite decoration item is the beaded wall hanging that you easily use in your Pooja room, study room, and living area.