U Shape Sofa Set: Luxury Leatherette Sofa (Sand Brown)

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U Shape Sofa Set: Luxury Leatherette Sofa (Sand Brown)

GKW Retail is a platform for Furniture Online that offers a wide range of gorgeous or premium  Sofa Set to assent all your needs as well as the furniture that complements your interiors.

This unique Leather Sofa Set contains beauty and convenience. The integration with the small side table that sits atop it adds extra convenience.Acclaimed for its modern style and plush comfort, this sofa set is gaining immense popularity in the market. With impeccable proportions and rich, solid base, this  U Shape Sofa Set is a must-buy. Superior in every way, Go for this Luxury Sofa Set without giving a second thought to it! 

6 Seater Sofa Set gives you efficiency and exigency. Following the contour of your legs while at rest is the structure of the chaise.

It similarly has cube-shaped cushions and leveled armrests which are typical of contemporary sofas.

  • Material - Leatherette.
  • 06 Months Warranty.
  • Color - Sand Brown.