Queen Size : Leatherette Bed With Adjust Headrest

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Leatherette Bed with Adjustable Headrest is the most unique bedroom design on the market. With large, dramatic curvy edges and 2-tone color design, this bed will immediately distinguish your room as an ultra-modern haven. 

Queen Size : Leatherette Bed With Adjust Headrest

The matching night stand includes a storage cabinet along with a subtle opening at the base for books and magazines. Top headrests are adjustable for maximum comfort. The two side lights add a sleek look that will impress guests. The multi-color lights are controlled by a wireless remote. This leatherette bed is available in Italian leatherette and bonded leatherette. Choose your preferred color leatherette from a selection of 10 distinct colors. The beauty of a minimalist bed is you can dress up your space with decorations or wallpapers without the bed contrasting intensely. Available in queen, king, or Californian king to provide resting space in your sanctuary.