L Shape Sofa Set:- Modern Luxury Corner Sectional Leather Sofa Set (Saddle Brown & Cream)

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Modern Luxury Corner Sectional Sofa

Product description

A sectional sofa is modular. It usually includes at least two pieces that can be arranged in multiple configurations. A sectional sofa often has the option to choose the arm position as either left or right, with two or no arms. The key benefit of a sectional sofa is the ability to tailor its components to a range of spaces. Although sectional sofas were manufactured as early as the Victorian era, they did not become prominent until the mid-1950s, and they continue to be refined to the present day. At its most extreme, the Lava Sofa, a soft, flowing sectional -- can be arranged in any number of ways including crossed, paralleled or stacked.

  • Style: Corner Sofa Regional Style: European Style Appearance: Modern Inflatable: No Size: L shape sectional sofa Function: Headrest adjustable Color: Optional
  • It has a 6 Months Warranty
  • Durable Product

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