Kitchen Shelves : 33" H x 96" W x 24" D Pro Series Storage Rack

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Kitchen Shelves : 33" H x 96" W x 24" D Pro Series Storage Rack

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Ultra-strong, easy to install, and adaptable to your space; these Kitchen Shelves offer a versatile way to keep organized and maximize off-the-floor storage space in your garage. With this storage rack, you’ve got full-length wall storage that’s easily accessible and keeps your often-used items within reach. Combine lengthwise to create loft storage around the perimeter of your garage ceiling and take full advantage of your available overhead space. Aircraft-grade steel support cables tested to 3,000 lbs help support the engineered steel frame constructed from heavy-gauge steel, with a c-shaped front perimeter beam, holding loads up to 600 lbs. The steel wire decks drop securely into the cross beam supports for even weight distribution, and a 1-inch perimeter safety lip prevents items from sliding off the edge.

Overall 33'' H x 96'' W x 24'' D.
Shelf 57'' H x 96'' W x 24'' D.