Home Decor : Wish Good Luck with Ficus Bonsai and Laughing Buddha

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  • Low maintenance plant.
  • Best tabletop plant
  • Laughing Buddha Idol
  • Ficus microcarpa bonsai - Plant
  • Ficus microcarpa bonsai - Plant
  • 4 inch Round Thermoform Pot (Terracotta Color)

Please Note: 
This is a non-returnable and non-refundable product. Redelivery will be done only in case of damage. 

Show your love to your best friends by gifting them this everlasting Ficus Bonsai. This gift pack contains a Ficus bonsai, a plastic pot, and a laughing Buddha. This Ficus bonsai is the artificial production of natural tree forms in miniature appearance which will increase the ornamental look of your house. The Ficus bonsai is tremendously popular bonsai tree species. Wonderful bonsai will be the perfect symbol of friendship and gift to your loved ones to celebrate your bond.
They are tolerant of low light conditions, overwatering. This is a fast-growing tree which is fun to prune & style. As we know that tree requires much space these bonsai can be kept inside the house and does not require much space. You can show your love to your friends or family by gifting them this everlasting Ficus Bonsai.


  • This gift contains an attractive Ficus bonsai.
  • It will increase the aesthetic look of your house.
  • It will acquire less space in your house.
  • Its foliage attractive color will add up the beauty in your house.

Note: Design of Laughing Buddha may vary as per availability.