Home Decor : White Metal Tortoise with Stone Work

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  • White Metal Tortoise with Stone Work
  • Lenght-7 inch,Width-11 inch,Height-2.5 inch 
  • Weight-1840 gm

White Metal Tortoise with Stone Work(L-7 inch,W-11 inch,Height-2.5 inch and Weight-1840 gm)

Tortoise is the symbol of peace and harmony. Place the statue of the tortoise at your home as it represents the longevity, stability and determination. This statue is made of high-quality white metal and studded with colorful stones giving it an elegant look. It's a perfect gifting product as it can easily express your good wishes to your loved ones and also has a special significance in the Vastu. No matter what the occasion is, this gift will definitely embrace a special place in your dear one’s heart.