Home Decor : Red Color Candle Stand

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  • Red Color Candle Stand
  • Length- 7 inch, Width- 3 inch, Height- 9 inch
  • Weight- 530 gms

Red Color Candle Stand(l- 7 inch, w- 3 inch, h- 9 inch, weight- 530 gms)

There are endless and creative ways to decorate your home. Red Color Candle Stand will enhance the beauty of your home and create a positive aura all around. This coconut tree shaped candle stand is made of metal ensuring its high durability and comes with a red colored glass caps. With this piece of home decor, you can impress the people who firstly look at this. This unique stand can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. By gifting this, you can make your bond strong with your nearest ones. So, when are you placing your order for this red color candle stand? Visit us today & order it right now!