Designer Sofa Set:- Wisdom 2+2+1 Wing Chair in Suede Fabric 5 Seater Sofa Set (Grey & Blue)

Rs. 324,999.00 Rs. 159,999.00 159,999.00
GKW Retail wisdom sofa set is a creative design sofa set:- 1)Understated luxury, elegance and comfort are the key features of this creative sofa.‎In this design, the perfection of the proportions accompanies the elegance of the visible stitching, handcrafted by skillful upholstery tailors.‎‎2). The seating cushion foam has been designed to maintain comfortability. This sofa not only gives a luxurious look but also gives you complete relaxation.3)Wisdom sofa set is the best choice to impress your guest. The cloth material is an imported(Turkey) Suede fabric which gives the sofa set a smooth feel and an elegant look.

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