Designer Sofa Set:- 3+3+ 1 Wing Fabric 7 Seater Luxury Furniture Sofa Set (Dark Brown)

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  • The inner frame made out of Sandalwood:-One of the toughest timbers available today, this wood is strong enough to withstand water, making it ideal for use in cold climates. It is also heavier and tougher than teak and is resistant to fungi, water, and termites. It is highly resinous and durable, making it value for your money. it is derived from a tree popularly grown in forests in India and Nepal. It is one of India’s most important sources of hardwood.

Designer Sofa Set:- 3+3+ 1 Wing Chair Fabric 7 Seater Luxury Furniture Sofa Set (Dark Brown)

  • The foam material 32 density:- The density of the foam means the quantity or mass of a material per a measurable size or volume. The foam density determines not just how soft a couch is but also how long the couch will last. A high foam density means that the couch will last longer. With 50 density foam, you can expect them to last around 8-10 years. Most people who buy less-dense couch cushions end up having to repair them by stuffing them with more foam.
  • Fabric Imported:- Microfiber are designed to look like leather , but are stain resistant and easier to clean. The feel of the suede is smooth and soft. it also give the sofa an excellent look and also is known for its durability. Suede fabric generally comes in two tone color.

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