Computer Desk: Multi Functional White Shining Computer Desk With Extra Storage & Laptop Table

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This Multi-Functional White Shining Computer Desk lets you convert any room in your home into a workspace. In addition to a storage hutch and keyboard tray, this desk has several shelves and a pull-out keyboard tray. Also, it features a drawer and a place for a CPU. The tabletop is spacious enough to accommodate a computer or laptop. Excellent addition to both the home and office, this computer desk is constructed of strong hardwood material for lasting durability. It requires little maintenance and is easy to care for. Dust and dirt can be removed from this desk by wiping them with a damp cloth. There is ample space for your monitor, laptop, and other essential office items on the desktop. With many bookcases, a cabinet, drawers, and host storage to keep your working area organized.

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Computer Desk : Multi Functional White Shining Computer Desk With Extra Storage