Almirah: 2 Door White Almirah

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Almirah: 2 Door White Almirah

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Are you still troubled by the pile of clothes, pants and bags in the house? Our elegant 2-door wardrobe can meet all your storage needs, 1 boom and 5 compartments make organization easier. The classic combination of white finish and gold frame will suit most home styles, keeping your room clean and bright.


  • METAL HANDLE: A durable solid handle in classic brushed nickel adds a premium touch to your wardrobe.
  • EURO HINGES: Our wardrobe doors have a total of 8 high quality Euro hinges for durability.
  • MOISTURE-PROOF BASE: The base of the wardrobe is moderately high, which can protect your clothes from moisture and keep them dry and tidy.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The exterior of the wardrobe is a durable melamine coating that resists stains and scratches, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • POWERFUL STORAGE: This wardrobe of ours has a boom to hang coats, coats and other long clothes so your clothes don't get out of shape; five deep storage compartments can hold other clothes, pants, bags and other items.