3 Seater Sofa : Dark Grey L-Shaped Convertible Sofa Set

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3 Seater Sofa : Dark Grey L-Shaped Convertible Sofa Set

GKW Retail is an platform for Furniture Online that offers a wide range of gorgeous or premium Sofa Set to assent all your needs as well as the furniture that complements your interiors.

  • Firm and Comfortable: The 3 Seater Sofa Set you sit on are nice and firm. You'll never have to worry about sinking in.The more you sit in it the better.
  • Perfect For Small Spaces: Small space reversible sectional

    L Shape Sofa Set., Make the most of your apartment or studio space;upstairs loft and more.

  • Versatile Sectional Sofa: Sectional sofa with an extra wide chaise lounge for maximum comfort,When friends come by, you can place the ottoman on either side of the sofa at random
  • Easy Assembly: Crafted for convenient shipment and easy assembly. No tools needed and easy to follow instructions to assemble. Anyone can easily install it in 10 minutes.
  • Package Shipping: Shipping with two boxes. If you receive lost box, you can ask amazon for second tracking number.Weight capacity: 660 lbs.