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Collection: 5 Seater Sofa Design

5 Seater Sofa Design

Sofa is the furniture which is the most important part of your living area, office, living room, or other occasional sitting areas. Having the sofa in your living area or occasional sitting area gives the good vibe and gives the classy look as well.

Sofa is the furniture where people spend most of their time sitting. Sofa is the place where you can spend your precious time with your family and can enjoy a happy time with your family.

Family is an important part of your life. You can have these good time with the sofa designs that are made from the GKW Retail. There are lots of sofa designs but GKW Retail has the finest collection of the sofa designs.

GKW Retail is the largest online furniture store. Here you can get the premium furniture that you wanted most. GKW Retail has the large collection of sofas.


In the collections of the sofas we have:

  • Small Size Sofa Set
  • Big Size Sofa Set
  • Shape Type Sofa Set
  • Upholstery Sofa Set
  • Office Sofa
  • Modern Sofa Set
  • Wooden Sofa Set
  • Sofa Cum Bed

If we just talk about the Small size sofa there lot more sub collection we have;

  • Small Size Sofa Set
    • Wing Chair
    • 1 Seater Sofa Set
    • 2 Seater Sofa Set
    • Loveseat
    • 3 Seater Sofa Set
    • 4 Seater Sofa Set
    • 5 Seater Sofa Set

Let's talk about the 5 seater sofa design. There are many types of 5 seater designs in the GKW Retail. Sofa sets come in a variety of styles, but the most popular right now are these elegant-looking sofas that are really attractive.


5 Seater Sofa Design

If you want a trendy area or home, a 5 Seater Sofa is the best option. For a family, this is the best sofa. You must first examine what style of design best suits your home or what type of sofa you genuinely desire before choosing these types of sofas with end table.

For their houses and living spaces, those with refined preferences should choose 5 Seater Sofa Design. It is advantageous to your health. People with small living spaces want 5 seater sofas that are perfect for their needs.


Keep in mind the size of your living room before ordering any Sofa Set, and we will send our measuring experts to take measures of your space.

GKW Retail has a collection of 5 Seater Sofa Designs. Wanna buy one? Here are some luxury products.

  • 3+1+1 Fabric Sofa Set (Light Grey)

This light grey sofa is the best product for the area that is very precious for you. This sofa has the luxury look. You can buy it from us. This sofa has the best fabric and the design is also the best. Dimensions of this sofa is  180 x 73.7 x 70 cm.

  • (3+1+1) Fabric Sofa Set (Black & Silver grey)

This sofa has a great look as well as the colors used in this product are also the best.

We have made this product with the best design and gives you more comfort than any other sofa. You can rest on sofa instead of single bed.

Dimension this sofa is

  • Overall Height (cm) :3 Seater: 70 cm; 1 Seater: 70 cm.
  • Seating Height (cm) 3 Seater: 38 cm; 1 Seater: 38 cm.
  • Overall Width (cm) :3 Seater: 180 cm; 1 Seater: 60 cm.
  • Overall Depth (cm): 3 Seater: 45 cm; 1 Seater: 45 cm.

Five Seater Sofa Design

5 Seater Sofa Sets are a good addition to any living room. In addition, the fashions of these sofa sets are trendy. This is perfect for the area. 

The sofa set in the living room should be well-maintained for a peaceful experience and a roomy appearance. This sofa is look beautiful with dining table.

These patterns give the house a whole different look. It is a great option to purchase a Five Seater Sofa Design.

It is going to last a long time. After a short amount of time, you will not need to purchase another Sofa Set.

This sofa is a great spot for the whole family to get together and spend quality time together. You can get this quality time with furniture from the GKW Retail. You can buy the premium furniture from GKW Retail.

Here are some luxury product ;

  • (3+1+1) Fabric Sofa Set (Grey)

We have made this fabric sofa with the best quality of material and with love. 

This product gives you the premium look that will blend with you interior and will give the classy look to your area. This sofa is best for your living space.

Dimension of this sofa : LX74 WX31 HX29.

A generously constructed sofa made of the finest materials creates the ideal modular sofa for your living space.

The Modern Sofa Set series is spaciously created with a larger depth to allow for broader seating and complete relaxation until the thigh, providing exceptional comfort.


5 Seater Sofa Set Designs With Price

A sofa can become the best part of your living area. Sofa can give the good look to your living area. Sofa can impress your guests.

You can get all this just visiting our store GKW Retail.

GKW Retail has the best collection of the sofa that can blend with your living area and absolutely gives the classy and luxurious look.


We have many types of sofa but if you have a small living area. These 5 seater sofas give you the best result.

  • (3+1+1)  Fabric Sofa Set

This sofa is perfect for your area. This sofa has the beautiful blue color. The strong legs and wooden frame of this 5 Seater Sofa Set ensure that it will hold up to you and your guests.

Its small dimensions and simple installation make it perfect for use in apartments, offices, and hostels. 

  •  Cyan Fabric Sofa Set (Sky Blue)

The wooden frame and robust legs of this 5 Seater Sofa Set ensure that you and your guests will be comfortable.

Its small size and simple installation make it ideal for use in apartments, office furniture , and dorm rooms.

Dimension of this sofa is 74(W)x31(D)x29(H); Single Seater: 36(W)x31(D)x29(H) inches.


5 Seater Sofa Set Design

Designing a simple design in your home using a premium sofa set is perfect. It is available in a number of colors, patterns, and designs, allowing you to find something that will suit your living space beautifully.

This luxurious 5 seater sofa set features an armrest that extends off the sofa, making it extremely comfortable and delightful to relax on. 

You can get one with a more classic style, such as a wooden frame and legs, or a more modern one with upholstered cushion squares.

I believe that each of us fantasizes about possessing our own luxurious and magnificent property. As a result, we require a five-seater luxury sofa set.

We have variety of 5 seater sofa set designs;

  • AMIA 3+2 Fabric Luxury Furniture Sofa Set (Orange)

This sofa is perfect for your living area and gives the best  look to your area.

Orange is the best color that will blend with your living area. orange is the most attractive color. 5 Seater Sofa Set brings to you a modern and comfortable sofa set for your living room. 


  • Lessee (3+1+1) Fabric Sofa Set (Blue)

The sofa is made of dried wood that has been enhanced with Furniture grade engineered wood. This 5 seater sofa set is a stylish and comfortable addition to your living room.


Wooden 5 Seater Sofa Set Designs With Price

Wooden furniture is trendy, that's why wooden furniture has a high demand in the market.

Having a Wooden sofa set furniture  is a very big deal. 

GKW Retail has premium quality of the wooden furniture and also has the Wooden 5 seater sofa set designs with price.

We have many types of wooden furniture in our single hub  at the GKW Retail.

Wooden furniture gives the traditional look as well as the classy look. 

In furniture, the thing that matters the most is the price that comes with the quality of the furniture.


 If the product has the best wood material then the price will be greatly high and if the wooden material is of temporary quality then the prize will be the medium range.

We have the best quality wood in the product that is why we have the best price.

Here are some product;

  • Fine Bone 3+1+1 Fabric Sofa Set (Brown & Beige)

This brown and beige sofa is perfect for your home interior. This 5 Seater Sofa Set wooden frame and the sturdy legs ensure that this sofa will hold up to you and visitors alike.

  • (3+1+1) Fabric Sofa Set

This sofa has the best look and also has the best quality of the fabric. The Fabric Sofa Set is made of high-quality materials such as dried wood and furniture-grade engineered wood.


Sofa Set 5 Seater Online

In the modern time everything is getting online. Online platform in the new need of the new modern world.

That's why GKW Retail sells the furniture online at the best price. GKW Retail is the largest online platform that sells luxury and premium furniture and beds.

GKW Retail sells the Sofa set 5 seater online and other kinds of sofa and furniture. Online platforms makes everything easy . Here you can get the item that you want. Here you can find products with just clicks.


Here  you can get you item found faster and easier You can buy furniture from our online store at GKW Retail. We have the best quality product at the GKW Retail. Like Ray L shape 5 Seater Fabric Luxury Furniture Sofa Set


This sofa is the best item for your home interior and gives a classy look. This l-shaped sofa gives you more comfort than anything.

At GKW Retail We have a variety of sofas. You can buy any type of sofa from us at the best price.