Wooden Box : 2 Piece Set of Storage Box

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Wooden Box : 2 Piece Set of Storage Box

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Stow away snuggly blankets in this set of Wooden Box that offers a vintage vibe. Made to compliment a living room layout, accent a dressing area, this set combines function with style Let them corral clothes, linens, toys or games. A flip-up lid lifts open to clutter busting-storage. Detailed with slots on 3 sides, center-front lifts the top open, while those placed on the sides make it easy to move where needed. Stackable, accent vertically or use even as pedestals to showcase plants or a variety of objects. Distressed areas whisper signs of age that add charm. Since each is made by hand, no two are exactly alike.

Product Details

  • Material: Solid Wood.
  • Lifting Top: Yes.
  • Overall - 17.75'' H x 30.75'' W x 17.75'' D.