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Platform Bed

Platform bed is like bed sheet. Platform bed is different from other bed. Platform beds are made with wood. Platform bed is very close to floor. Designs of platform bed is very amazing.

Many types of design and size available in platform bed. And colour also. Example of designs are:- kids spider man.

And types of platform bed is:- kids platform bed,  kids double platform bed, modern platform bed, queen size platform bed and king size platform bed.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Some platform bed made with leatherette. And platform bed is also available with storage. Platform bed is a static.

And this bed also good for back pain. GKW Retail sell platform bed by online method. Range of platform bed in our site is 10,000 to 2,30,000. You check our site for order this platform bed.

Floor Bed

Floating bed is look like fly in air. Below of floating bed to much space. Mattress of floating platform bed like fly in air.

Floating platform bed save  many space in your room. A foot of floating bed set in floating bed frame.

Platform bed is good for study because it is very big. Cleaning is very easy below of  floating bed. Because floating bed  height is good.

You set this bed in any room and living room. Floating bed design is very attractive.

Floating bed comes with LED lights. But not all floating bed come with light. LED lights give amazing look for floating bed. Many types size are include in floating bed.

You also set this bed in middle of room with help of rope.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Floating Bed

When bed is made with wooden bed frame those bed are very strong. Wooden frame is good compare of any frame.

These days customer need is only wooden bed frame. Life of wooden bed frame is long.

And platform bed is also made with wooden frame. Cleaning of wooden bed frame is possible with water.

Wooden bed frame support good relaxing. Doctors also give advise for wooden bed.

Bad wooden frame give screechy sound after some time. But this wooden bed frame is good and not give any screechy sound.

When you are very happy and you need jump showing your happiness when you do surely jump in this wooden bed frame.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Small Bed

Queen bed smaller compare of king bed. And queen bed is come with different types of size and design.

Storage space  include in many queen bed. Price of queen bed with a include storage is high.

And without storage queen bed price is low because no storage space provide in low price bed.

You store many things in storage space of queen bed. Design of a queen bed is very amazing. Queen bed provide a good space for sleeping for 2 person.

Queen bed is made with a high quality  wooden frame. Big storage is good feature in queen bed. You buy queen bed with storage by online help of GKW Retail.

Low Height Bed

King size bed is very greater then queen size bed. And price is high as compare of queen size bed.

Because this is greater then queen bed. Types and sizes are many in king size bed.

King size bed storage is big and queen size bed storage is small. Because king size bed big and high price compare of queen size bed.

King size bed give extra comfort. Storage is most important thing in bed.

To purchase King size bed is good idea for large family. You store many clothes in storage space of king size bed with storage. You store many clothes in storage space of king size bed with storage. 

Low Floor Bed

Queen size bed with storage provide good storage inside a bed. You can buy simple or modern queen size bed with storage this is depending on you.

Queen size bed is smaller you easily moved this bed any location. But your room is big then queen size bed spoiled you room look.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Queen size bed storage made with wood frame. A queen size bed is good for bedrooms.

Many peoples house is very small and they confuse what type bed purchase. Those people buy queen size bed.

And  storage also include in this bed. GKW retail is best platform to buy this bed.

Low Bed

Very small space provide in below low floor bed. Many people loved low floor bed. Low floor bed give amazing look your room.

Because this time is modern time. Low floor is also good for health and sleeping.

Low floor bed less your any types of back problem. Low floor bed not a costly compared any bed.

Low floor bed made with good wood. Low floor bed create cooling because mattress is down.

When you sleep low floor bed then you feel comfortable. Low floor bed take small space.

Going to outside is very easy when you sleep low floor bed. In low floor bed no space for put anything. Because this is a low floor bed.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Floor Bed Ideas

Modern king size bed is very famous bed in India, because  it is a modern king size bed. Modern king size bed give modern look. Sizes and colour of modern king size bed is many.

A modern king size bed create there own royalty. Finishing of modern king size bed is good. And corners of this bed is good shaped. Modern king size type bed is easy to clean.

Modern king size bed need big space because it is modern and king size bed. When you go to sleep your room and see modern king size bed you feel good. You feel like a king. Bed is very important in house.

Bed Low Price

A storage bed is most important thing. Because we store any types of thing in storage space.

When storage space are made with wood then storage space life is long, because wood is good for making storage space.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


See GKW Retail site for purchase any type of bed, we sell best product with made of good wood. Wooden storage bed shine when sun ray come in bed.

Price of wood storage bed is small high because it is come with storage space. Without storage space bed range is small.

If no more space in your home to put clothes and u also looking for a bed. Then you buy this bed from GKW Retail.

Double Floor Bed

Solid wood storage bed made with solid wood. Solid wood storage is expensive, because this is made with solid wood and provide storage space also.

If you want buy a bed then you go with solid wood bed, solid wood life time is many years. Solid wood not defective easily.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Many bed is not made with solid wood and they are defective very easily. Because role of solid wood  is very important in bed.

GKW is use good and solid wood for made wood storage bed. And solid wood storage bed come many types of price range. U buy this bed according your range.

Platform Bed With Storage

You also get wooden bed in king size. Your purchase range is big then you order wooden bed king size.

This bed provide you big space. When wooden bed king size is L 210”x W 164” then this bed give more relax in night.

You order  wooden bed king size in double bed and single bed also. When Colour of a wooden bed king size is a grey then this bed give awesome look for your home accessories.

You purchase this bed without bed foot and without foot bed is completely attach with ground.

This bed also available with drawer space. We put many item in drawer. 

Drawer Storage Bed


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


A drawer storage bed normally size is W152”XL198”. Drawer is provide in two side of a bed with big space.

This type bed finish with  great quality fabric. A bed drawer is very safe location for put costly thing.

Storage space is made with good wood frame. Storage of this bed pick high weight very easy.

You clean room very easily because you have no storage bed then you first move all clothes to other place before purifying.

Drawer storage bed come with wheel feet. Wheel feet bed is easy for moving bed. And drawer feature is a automatic close. When you open drawer and push slow then drawer is close automatic.  

Wooden Platform

A platform bed frame is very simple frame, and you put mattress into platform bed frame without help of any support.

And foundation of platform bed is very good. Only foundation is important in bed.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Without foundation bed is nothing. A bed frame is a main base of bed. This base create to putting  mattress.

Bed frame made  with many types:- solid wood and metal. You can choose a good  bed frame size according your choice.

A simple bed frame is most loved by peoples. Queen bed is also available with platform bed frame. Platform bed frame is not very costly. 

Ground Bed

Floating bed frame is not balance with feet. Floating bed frame look like swim in water. A foot of floating bed frame connect in center of frame and this is look like no feet in floating bed frame.

Floating bed frame is good for small space. Many people think floating bed frame no feet, but this is not right. Floating bed frame feet is hidden. In a floating bed frame no requirement to any box spring.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Other beds come with box spring. Lights attach with some  floating bed not all. You set  floating bed in garden help of rope. Floating bed frame provide place to put your books and mobile.

Platform Bed Frame

Bed  frame is very important in this time. Every people know this fact. Main motive of a bed frame is give comfort. Storage also include in bed frame. For store important items.

Main motive of a bed frame is a, you stay above ground to avoid cold in winter. Many frame is only for decoration and this type frame not good for sleeping.

We sell best bed frame in bed with storage you check our site GKW Retail.

Bed frame is different compare with floating bed frame. King size bed also create with good bed frame and give storage. Wood bed frame is good choice.

Low Platform Bed

Queen platform bed made with good frame. Queen platform bed sleeping space is small as compare king platform bed.

Queen platform bed is very closer with ground. Small mattress is use in queen platform bed because queen bed is small.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Queen platform bed support any types of mattress. A platform bed with made good frame not give squeal sound. Because no type of  box spring are use in this platform bed.

Many types of headboards use in platform bed. Queen platform bed is come with drawer in two side of bed because this made with good frame.

Price range of queen size bed  in GKW Retail 20,000 to  2,00,000.

Low Bed Frame

Platform bed give good and big storage space. You can choose platform bed with storage for good and big space. Footboard is very small and good looking in platform bed.

Headboard is big in size as compare with footboard. Modular platform bed also available in GKW site.

Different - different  kids platform bed in our site. Wooden platform bed with storage is good for long time.

Provide  drawer is good thing in bed. Upholstered bed is also part of platform bed. In upholstered bed cover with a fabric.

You clean Upholstered bed very easy because this is cover with fabric. Platform bed is not same like floating bed. Floating bed is different compare of platform bed.

Wood Platform Bed


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


Queen Platform bed frame and queen size bed frame is similar. All beds depending upon there frame. Because frame is main part of Platform bed.

You buy any bed then first check there frame. And check storage also.

Modern queen and king size Platform bed is come with  good wood in our site. Storage Platform bed is good selection for small house holder.

Because it is good for keep anything. Then your Platform bed frame is powerful when your bed is also powerful. Frame is main point of Platform  bed. 

A bed frame link with head and foot of a board. Small storage bed frame give long life to your bed.

Floor Bed Frame

Queen platform bed is a small bed. Stuff of queen platform bed is thick. Normally  Queen platform bed mattress thickness is 12”.

And you  select mattress thickness is according for your bed size.

Queen platform bed made with leatherette and look nice. Normally size of headboard in queen platform bed 62.8”.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


And normally size of footboard in queen platform bed 60”. 

To see all size in queen platform bed open GKW Retail site. Queen platform bed base is powerful to according all Platform bed.

You think to make high your platform bed then this is very costly process. For height  you put your bed into wood piece. Then you feel your bed is higher.

Modern Platform Bed

Upholstered Platform bed stuff is made with fabric. And you clean fabric very easy help of clothe. Use of cotton is to much in upholstered Platform bed.

Cotton give comfort compare of other fabric. Silk is also use upholstered bed.


Platform Bed, Floor Bed, Floating Bed, Small Bed, Low Height Bed, Low Floor Bed


In your room already many wood furniture then you purchase this upholstered Platform bed and you feel cool and good.

Upholstered bed like as a platform bed. Upholstered bed is modern bed.

Mainly adult rocking chair covered with fabric. But GKW Retail sell upholstered Platform bed with covered fabric. And covered fabric give softness to headwood and footwood.

This type Platform bed fit in any room and you choose this bed with liberty. In upholstered bed mainly design space for put electronic gadget like laptop and mobile and it is very useful.