Modern Sofa Set: Leatherette 6 Seater Sofa Set With Storage

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Modern Sofa Set: Leatherette 6 Seater Sofa Set With Storage

The Modern Sofa Set is a new addition to our unique line of modern leatherette furniture. This Leather Sofa Set feature armrests with built in storage spaces on the side of each piece big enough to display books or decorative items. You can add on the matching Coffee Table which has a storage cabinet along with a subtle opening at the base for books and magazines to complete the look. Choose your desired color from a choice of  various colors. This modern sofa set is a stylish and chic addition to your living space. 

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we recommend for our customers with big families and with pets, bonded leatherette that works well on furniture in high-traffic areas like family room or even living room. We make sure that process of the bonded leatherette our manufacturers use contains low levels of environmentally unsafe formaldehyde since it does not undergo chemical tanning and is therefore suitable for people with leatherette allergies. Lastly, bonded leatherette furniture is significantly cheaper than real leatherette.