Sofa Cum Beds: Mattress, Sofa bed, Guest Beds

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Sofa Cum Beds: Mattress, Sofa Chair Bed, Guest Beds

  • High quality density foam 1.8 pounds to increase the durability and resilience of the foam life.
  • GKW Retail is a platform for Furniture Online that offers a wide range of gorgeous or premium Sofa Set to assent all your needs as well as the furniture that complements your interiors.

  • Sofa Cum Bed

  • Using this floor chair folding foam bed as a sleeper mattress or a comfortable chair, it is an ideal for smaller space, sleepover guests, students, camping, cabins, dorm rooms and children's playrooms.
  • This chair foam bed allows you to get a comfortable sleep wherever you go. For day-out, just fold up the foam bed into a closet, storage or a van or a truck.
  • Choose one of the following available bed sizes: Twin size (6" thick x 39" wide x 75" long), Full size (6" thick x 54" wide x 75" long) and Queen size (6" thick x 60" wide x 80" long).
  • When folding up to be chair sizes: Twin size (24" high x 12" high x 39" wide x 25" deep), Full size (24" high x 12" high x 54" wide x 25" deep) and Queen size (24" high x 12" high x 60" wide x 27" deep).