L Shape Sofa Set:- Kowloon Sectional Sofa with Storage Fabric Sofa Set (Matte Finish, Brown)

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Sensational Sectional. The Kowloon helps you make the most of your space by hiding a guest room in the middle of your living room or den. By day, it’s a comfortable sectional sofa that seats four. But simply roll out the drawer and pull the extra bed section out and up, to transform it into a spacious double bed in seconds.

L Shape Sofa Set:-  Kowloon  Sectional Sofa with Storage Fabric Sofa Set  (Matte Finish, Brown)

The chaise lifts hydraulically so that you can tuck away pillows, blankets, and more in the spacious storage area below. Refer to the images for details of dimensions. For indoor use only. The product comes with a 06-month warranty against any manufacturing defects and any other issues with the materials that have been used.

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