Ironing Table: Wide Steel Top Freestanding Ironing Board

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Ironing Table: Wide Steel Top Freestanding Ironing Board

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If you’re looking to add a bit of luxury and convenience to your ironing routine, this mega-wide top ironing board is a great upgraded solution. Its wider surface makes ironing any article of clothing less of a hassle. The ironing board’s thoughtful characteristics make it an ideal choice for any individual who irons regularly. This wide ironing board is supported on a 4-leg metal frame stylized with an antique bronze coating. The steel mesh top provides a level and durable surface that distributes heat and steam evenly. A thick fiber pad allows the iron to glide across clothing smoothly, avoiding accidental wrinkles or creases. Most importantly, the cover is designed for superior stain, scorch, and melting resistance. A key feature of this ironing board is the convenient iron rest and swing-out hanger bar. This helps keep you and your clothing safe from accidental burns and allows you to hang freshly ironed items. Once you’ve finished ironing, simply rest your iron on the rest to cool and hang your newly pressed clothing on the hanger bar. The frame’s 4 legs and caps prevent the ironing board from sliding or wobbling as you’re ironing. Find a height most comfortable for you by using the metal leg lock to choose from various height adjustments. While this ironing board offers a wide work surface, it can still be easily stored in most conventional closets, behind a door, or propped against a wall. Use the metal leg lock to fold the frame closed for storage, then easily open it back up when needed again.


  • 100% Polyester cover and an extra layer of dense fiber padding for superior ironing results.
  • The ironing board frame provides stability and reinforcement with a flexible height adjustment option.

Other Dimensions

  • Overall: 18'' W x 49'' L.
  • Minimum Height - Floor to Surface Top: 29.5''
  • Maximum Height - Floor to Surface Top: 36.5''