Ironing Table: Laundry Ironing Board

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Ironing Table: Laundry Ironing Board

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A prime choice for the individual looking to invest in their laundry care, this mega ironing board provides a wide workspace and various characteristics to make ironing a more enjoyable part of your daily or weekly chores. One of the defining features of this ironing board is the 4-leg support system. With its superior 4-leg design and blackleg caps for traction, this ironing board offers the greatest stability as compared to other styles. The metal frame is also thicker than cheaper alternatives. Use the leg lock to achieve a comfortable height with a variety of different height options. Instead of plastic or thin and pliable metal, this ironing board has a strong steel mesh top. This top is not only less likely to warp or crack, but also allows heat and steam to distribute evenly. The 100% cotton cover and 6mm fiber padding are heat-resistant. The thick, dense fiber padding also adds a nice cushion to help your iron glide across with little worry of wrinkles and imprints. This ironing board would be an especially useful household essential for anyone who habitually irons for everyday outfits, work clothes, or even crafts. The retractable sleeve board adds to this item’s luxury to make perfectly crisp sleeves a reality. The iron rest and hanger bar add an element of speed and convenience. To store, use the leg lock to fold the ironing board flat with a reassuring click.

Other Dimensions

  • Overall: 18'' W x 49'' L.
  • Overall Product Weight: 20 lb.
  • Minimum Height - Floor to Surface Top: 31''
  • Maximum Height - Floor to Surface Top: 38''